A Question I Was Asked:

How Much Longer Will the Media Portray Christians as Simply 'Nice,' 'Smiley' People But as Not People Who Would Make Any Serious Difference to Anything?

The media paints Christians as simply 'nice,' smiley' people, the sort who would do a good turn for a neighbour, maybe donate a kidney, but not as believing anything that would make any serious difference to anything. What's happened? Is it only me that finds this offensive?

UK Apologetics Reply:

How I applaud your complaint and totally agree with you! Indeed I just watched a 'Songs of Praise' programme and, just as you are suggesting, Christians were yet again represented as simply nice, touchy-feely people, people always willing to lend a hand and that's about it! But the truth is that Christians should be characterized as people who firmly believe and teach that the Lord Jesus Christ is Saviour of the world. Yes, we should be unequivocal about that. The Christian Faith is a message about Jesus Christ, but this is frequently lost nowadays. There should be nothing ambiguous in what we believe and teach. On the 'Songs of Praise' thing I just watched, if somebody had said something like, "I believe that Jesus Christ is the only answer to the sins of mankind, and we must personally accept His sacrifice - this is the message we need to preach" I have no doubt at all that such a comment would have ended up on the cutting room floor of the very liberal-minded BBC.

We must not allow this suffocating climate of political-correctness to anesthetize us, to deaden us, we need to feel our Christian responsibilities to the very core of our being!

Robin A. Brace. July 24th, 2017.