A Question I Was Asked:

Is it Time to Update Your Article on Tithing?

Is it time to update your article on tithing?

UK Apologetics Reply:

No, I have recently looked at it again and I see no reason to alter anything. I still consider tithing to be something that has no place in the church today as an imposed teaching. Of course, one is still free to practice it in an entirely voluntary situation. What is especially bad is where it is preached from the lectern/pulpit as something which believers ought to practice. Even worse is the scenario in which only the tithers can become "members" of a congregation. Of course, it is reasonable that members of a congregation should contribute towards that congregation's expenses but this should never be a matter of any sort of scrutiny by church leaders. One is left with the principle that one should give cheerfully and freely where one is able. It is then a matter between the Giver and God.

Where church leaders practice any sort of judging or assessing of what various members contribute, they are sinning. Even if doing so unconsciously, they are employing the spirit of financially charging for the Gospel!

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Robin A. Brace. May 12th, 2017.