A Question I Was Asked:

Why Can't I Just Send My Tithes To You?

...You accomplish so much, maybe no church has your kind of outreach which is really world-wide. Why can't I just send my tithes to you?

UK Apologetics Reply:

Well, firstly, as I understand it, it would be illegal! That is because we are British pensioners who receive a thing called, 'income support.'

Besides I do not wish anybody to send their tithes to me, that would be uncomfortably close to believing that one could purchase the Gospel of Jesus Christ, maybe even giving the impression that such information is available for purchase; the Gospel must be offered freely! I have a real problem with some of these 'Christian' websites which immediately throw up a 'pop-up' asking site visitors to "donate," what a bad example that is! Please read Matthew 10:8b-10.

However, any local church which one may attend is quite different, that place of worship will have expenses which have to be met, charges to be paid, rent, use of electricity etc., hopefully also a fund of some kind to help those in difficulties. It would be entirely correct and appropriate to occasionally offer a small or even a regular financial contribution to assist towards those things (it does not need to be a regular 10%, of course, the old "tithe" is now discontinued; its only purpose was to support the priestly Levites under the old covenant, a covenant now replaced with the New Covenant; the priests needed to be supported because they received no other income).

Now it's true that I also have certain website expenses which have to be met. I pay my website charges every March and I must admit that some years it has been a struggle to do this, but - whilst the Lord allows me to - I intend to go on this way. Neither do I want to set up this online ministry as a 'charity,' we are not a charity in the recognised sense, neither do I wish to claim that we are. So one literally cannot donate to 'UK Apologetics.' It is also important that I don't allow anything to affect my present non-tax paying British pensioner status. Recently an examination body decided to use one of our articles in order to test students, surprisingly they offered payment. For the very same reason I had to refuse any payment.

On no more than about three to five occasions since 2001, a few kind people, understanding all of the above, have given a personal little gift to Tina and I. I stress that these people have understood all of the above points, these were freewill gifts, as to a friend, they were gratefully received because we live on quite a small income, but we make absolutely no financial requests neither will I ever do so. Obviously indirectly at least these gifts also assist this ministry; after all, we too need to pay electric bills, gas bills, water bills and so on apart from the annual website charges.

Now it's true that the New Testament assures us that those who labour in the Gospel have a right to be paid for their labours (1 Corinthians 9:14; Galatians 6:6), but this does not mean that they always have to demand it, nor to take up that right; don't forget that even Paul the Apostle decided not to take up this right! See 1 Corinthians 9:15-18.

Robin A. Brace. August 16th, 2017.