A Question I Was Asked:

How Come There are No Sketches or Drawings of Jesus?

How come there are no sketches or drawings of Jesus?

UK Apologetics Reply:

You ask, 'How come there are not drawings of Jesus'? Not sure what you mean because there are various drawings or depictions of Jesus, especially in the Catholic world, yet possibly nobody did a portrait, or a sketch of Him while He lived, at least that is how it appears, although we cannot be absolutely sure of that. Back in the world of that time few people thought it important to do so, also the first Christians would not have wished to do so because we have to remember that most of the very first Christian believers were from a Jewish background and drawing images of God was forbidden under the old covenant. See Exodus 20:4-5.

So, contrary to the claims of certain sceptics, the lack of drawings of Jesus by the first disciples is not because few of them thought He was God in flesh, rather, it tends to confirm that they thought He was indeed exactly that.

Robin A. Brace. April 21st, 2017.