New on UK Apologetics For May 2017

This is the new stuff:


QUESTION: Can You Explain Matthew 24:13 in the Light of John 10:27-29?

(A very, very interesting question)

QUESTION: Is It True That Certain Verses in Revelation Don't Describe the Earth as a Sphere, or as a Ball?

QUESTION: When Will Evolution Die?

(I know that many of you pastors struggle with this. How do I know? Because you often tell me, but the good news is that you can start to take real confidence in tackling this subject. Here I give a very brief and straightforward response: The good news is that evolution has already died but will continue to have an existence - of a sort - for a bit longer; if you struggle with this, take note of my response here)

QUESTION: Should the Ministry Still Be Paid For Spreading the Gospel?

(In my opinion, essential to look up this one! The answer is yes, but with some 'buts')

QUESTION: What is the Origin of the 'Star of David'?

(I have never been asked this question before!)

FROM THE EDITOR: The Latest Crazy "Scientific" Claim: Humans Must Have Been Designed by Aliens!

(No question about it: DNA is clever, real clever - how can that possibly be? Solution: We must have been designed by aliens! Yes, some "scientists" are now claiming this)

QUESTION: Does Judaism Worship the Father, But Not The Son?

(It's much more complicated than to say that Judaism only worships the Father; the truth is that modern Judaism does not worship God at all)

QUESTION: Can You Explain 1 Corinthians 3:13 and 1 Corinthians 4:13?

(Once again, two very interesting Bible questions. Look this up, you could be asked these very questions next week!)

QUESTION: Should You Now Also Expose Spherical Earth Propaganda?

(The shape of the earth has recently re-emerged as a topic of interest, getting a lot of coverage on YouTube)

QUESTION: Is The Time of "Jacob's Trouble" Necessarily Futuristic?

(Many prophecy guros would say it is, but what does the Bible itself clearly say?)

QUESTION: Does Isaiah 45:5-7 Mean That the Devil Does Not Exist?

(Apparently some parts of the dreaded 'Hebrew Roots Movement' now say that the devil does not exist)

QUESTION: Can Satan Hinder Us, Or Stop Us in Our Plans?

(Yes, God may sometimes allow Satan to hinder us)

Interesting Article On Another Website:

I have left the following article for another month:

Does the DNA Similarity Between Humans and Chimps Really Prove Anything?

(Well worth reading )

Another Look At Some Older Articles:

QUESTION: Do the "Jehovah's Witnesses" Make a Hash of Hebrews 1:8?

(The JWs obviously decided they had to 'do' something about Hebrews 1:8)

ARTICLE: Accepting the Reality of a Godless Age

(Some of you will have already read this, but maybe worth glancing at again)

QUESTION: Does John 6:38 Undermine the Trinity Teaching?

(Some of you will have already read this, but maybe worth glancing at again)

QUESTION: Who were the "Ebionites"?

ARTICLE: The Central Doctrines of the Christian Faith

(I attempt to list them all here)

ARTICLE: The Promises of Abraham

(A few unscrupulous teachers say that these promises were about financial prosperity. They were not. The article is quite long)

SERMON: Injustice

(This was an actual sermon which I gave in south Wales back in 2002-2004)


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