New on UK Apologetics For March 2017


First of all, just to let you all know, our January 2017 unique visits number of 37,137 is an all-time record for this website! These are people who never visited before and who looked at at least one of our pages (in many cases, far more). Our total hits figure of 170,339 was also outstanding and a near-record (though it was bettered last April).

Now this is the new stuff:

ARTICLE: Why Don't Large-Brained Animals Experience Music and Arts Appreciation?

(Evolution continues to insist that there is no qualitative difference between human and animal brains, it's just that human brains tend to be larger; this is actually absurd but atheism can never admit that men and women are fashioned in the image of God!)

THE CHRISTIAN HAWK: Queen's Chaplain Resigns Over Cathedral Koran Reading

(Part of the Koran was recently read at a British Cathedral and the part which was read has caused much controversy)

QUESTION: Can We Be Clear as to Whether or Not God Destroyed Nineveh?

(I strongly suggest the reading of this article because I also touch on the interesting fact as to whether or not "the West won the cold war," - as we have all heard - or whether God simply weighed the old Soviet Union in the balances and found it wanting)

QUESTION: Are There Really "Seers"? - Are They God-Gifted?

(More and more seem to be claiming various 'powers' - Should we listen to such people?)

QUESTION: Would It Seriously Damage Christianity if Life was Discovered on Other Planets?

(Atheists always claim this, but does the Bible ever address the question of whether God might have other creations?)

QUESTION: Doesn't 1 Peter 3 Teach That the Act of Water Baptism Alone Can Save Us?

(Not a new question at all but does Peter suggest that baptism can save us?)

THE CHRISTIAN HAWK: Liberals Are Entirely Unreasonable In Their Attacks on Donald Trump

(For sure, new American president Trump has 'hit the ground running,' and some of the attacks on him are unreasonable, with huge bias evidenced in several major news outlets)

QUESTION: Can Those Who Don't Know Christ Be Forgiven of Sin in the Judgement?

QUESTION: What is Donatism?

(My questioner asks: is Donatism similar to perfectionism or the holiness movement? In some ways, yes)

Another Look At Some Older Articles:

ARTICLE: Christianity; Why Its Religion-Free

(From Jack Crabtree. Excellent. You really must take the time to go through this!)

ARTICLE: Ensure That Your Bible Study Has the Correct Focus!

QUESTION: What is "Propitiation"?

(Please don't neglect to read this. You could be asked next week about the meaning of this old English word, or what 'the mercy seat' signified)

QUESTION: If Our 'Thoughts Perish' at Death, How Can We Continue to be Conscious?

ARTICLE: WHO are The "Firstfruits"?

(And aren't 'firstfruits' necessarily followed by 'latterfruits'?)


Some Comments on Recent (and Older) Articles...

"...I have always wondered why Paul took a Nazarite vow. I was happy at last to find your explanation. Thank you."
(The explanation is HERE.)

"I want to add to the great comments you have received on your or commentary on Revelation 20; it has changed years of false "facts" and false "evidence" which my wife and I used to swallow. Our greetings to you and your wife from Maryland, USA."

"..three times I have looked for more knowledge on a Bible subject and after a Google search I finally got to your website!..I look at other opinions but come to you for the solid stuff."

"It took 3 years but you finally convinced me that evolution is just plain wrong, now I need to look again at my atheism..."