New on UK Apologetics For June 2017

This is the new stuff:

THE CHRISTIAN HAWK: Fake News Assists Evolution's Claims

QUESTION: Why Did Jesus Call Himself 'The Son of Man'?

(One of those questions rarely asked, but of significance)

QUESTION: How Come There are No Sketches or Drawings of Jesus?

QUESTION: Is Modern Humanism Different to Renaissance Humanism?

(There is a world of difference between the Christianity-supporting humanism of earlier centuries to the modern variety)

QUESTION: How Can You Have "Three Days and Three Nights" Between Good Friday and Easter Sunday?

(Yes, I have answered this one in the past but I now feel I can add much more supporting information)

QUESTION: Surely We Should Reject Church Traditions in Favour of Experience and Revelation?

(There are indeed some things wrong with modern Christianity but it is not the answer to reject all church traditions)

QUESTION: Did Jonah Die in the Great Fish?

(A few evangelicals are now saying that Jonah died when swallowed by the 'great fish,' but what does the Bible say?)

Another Look At Some Older Articles:

QUESTION: Was There Any Significance to Water and Blood Coming Out of Jesus' Side at His Death?

(Yes, there is some significance here)

QUESTION: Could I Be Wrong?

QUESTION: Did Neandertal Man Ever Exist?

(Here I give my honest opinion)

QUESTION: Which Law Does Genesis 26:5 Refer to Abraham Obeying? (Since This Was Before the Ten Commandments Were Given!)

QUESTION: It Has Been Taught That the Flesh is Evil and Corrupt, But Isn't There More To It than That?

ARTICLE: Archaeology and the Old Testament

QUESTION: Whatever Happened to Christian Discernment?


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