New on UK Apologetics For January 2017

This is the new stuff!

QUESTION: Could Being Frozen at Death Beat Death Sometime in the Future?

(God's plan to keep the souls of the dead in Heaven is far more encouraging and promising than this idea)

QUESTION: Can You Explain John 21:1-11?

(This turned out to be an interesting question which I enjoyed answering)

QUESTION: How Can I Build My Faith?

ARTICLE: Clarifying "Biblicism" - Can One Be Overly "Biblical" in the Wrong Way?

(Whilst liberals deny the inspiration of Scripture, and we can clearly see their error, there is also a 'picky' "holy translation" error which almost worships the words on the page, holding a particular translation - usually the KJV - in awe. This too is error)

THE CHRISTIAN HAWK: The Misleading Myth of the "Middle Ages"

(I have long held that the term "middle ages" is deceptive; this is the period when Christianity grew to being a major power and influence in the world; this should probably be called 'the Christian Age.' Now another writer agrees with me)

QUESTIONS: Two Sensitive Sexual Questions on Lot and His Daughters

(I here tackle two separate tricky questions on the matter of Lot and his daughters)

Another Look At Some Older Articles:

QUESTION: What Did Jesus Mean in John 5:45-47?

(What did Jesus mean by this reference to Moses?)

QUESTION: Could Moses Really Have Written Genesis?

(The answer is yes, but Moses had earlier records to draw upon which are sadly no longer available. Where did they go?)

QUESTION: What is the Meaning of Daniel 11?

(Facinating and absorbing information; how history backs up Daniel)

QUESTION: How Did Certain Jews Know that the "Time Was Fulfilled"?

(Interesting, and a question you could be asked any time. Pertinent to Christmas)

QUESTION: Will God Go On Sending the Witness and Message of the Gospel To Our Peoples - Or Could He Withdraw It, and Close the Door?

(From 2005 and largely in response to an earlier article of mine)

QUESTION: Can We Really Be Living Under the Same Covenant as Moses and the Israelites?

(The answer, of course, is clearly no, but this is an error which has gone into reformed theology)


Some Comments on Recent (and Older) Articles...

"...You have helped me many times. I usually don't stop to say thank you but this time I am."

"This is a very good Bible question site, I find you open and unbiased. Please keep continuing just as you are."

"...My wife and I send you very warm greetings from Queensland. Thanks for the way you answer the obvious questions and for doing it with clarity. Why do some Bible sites not tackle the obvious questions?"

"Thanks for your work on Revelation 20. It is now clearer to me than ever before but we had to unlearn a lot of stuff...