New on UK Apologetics For February 2017

This is the new stuff!

ARTICLE: Myths About the "Lost Books" of the New Testament

(I have been meaning to get together an article on the nonsense which a few speak about the so-called "lost New Testament books," I have not yet found the time to do this but here is an article from another Apologetics writer which is excellent, covering all the main points I would wish to say)

QUESTION: Does It Bother You That More and More Evangelical Churches Refuse to Confront Evolution?

(It takes just a little bit of study - not a great deal - to see that the current teaching on evolution cannot possibly be correct)

QUESTION: Why Do Christians Still Have to Die After Inheriting Eternal Life?

(I have gone into this quite deeply and this will help many of you pastors when you are asked this question. Please read it)

QUESTION: Do You Agree With 'The Wiseman Tablet Theory'?

(This "theory" is pretty much what the Old Testament actually states!)

QUESTION: Is the New Covenant a One-Way Thing? My Church Teaches That We Still Have to Earn It!

(You cannot "earn" a freewill gift of grace)

BRIEF ARTICLE: Anything 'Finely-Tuned' Demands a Fine Tuner!

(A very good and brief little article from Eric Lyons of Apologetics Press)

QUESTION: What is Docetism?

(A brief look at the ancient church heresy which John attacked)

Another Look At Some Older Articles:

ARTICLE: Light, Life and the Glory of God

(A great little article from Russel Grigg)

ARTICLE: Debunking the Case Against Miracles

(From Ron Rhodes, a good article to consult)

ARTICLE: What is the Human Spirit?

(My article of 2007)

ARTICLE: The Priesthood Of All Believers

(Strong, hard-hitting, this comes from P.G. Matthew; are we Protestants also setting up our own "popes"?)

QUESTION: Can Satan Prevent God From Adding People to His Church?

(The answer is he cannot, but go through this to be conversant with the answer)

QUESTION: is Not Religious Belief a Useless Tool of the Ignorant?

(From 2006; here is how to answer this question of scoffers)


Some Comments on Recent (and Older) Articles...

"...I have now read your wonderful article on faith at least three times. I need to read it quite often to protect me from the charismatic rubbish we get..."

"I know others have commented on it and now I do too. The article, or commentary you wrote on Revelation 20 has been so beneficial to me."

"...the thing on the "middle ages" misnomer is very true. I lecture on the history of that period and I am going to take the Christian Hawk advice of renaming it positively for Christianity."

"I love your work, didn't agree with it all at first but have increasingly learned it was my failure in understanding due to being influenced by uncalled ministers...

"Hello from the village of ...... in India. You are valued and appreciated here by many Bible teachers and evangelists."

"Nothing you have written has moved me from my atheism nor will it..."