New on UK Apologetics For August 2017

This is the new stuff:

ARTICLE: Why Do Atheists Hate God?

(Can you hate somebody whom you don't believe actually exists? This is two brief articles, one from Don Batten, one from myself)

QUESTION: What Did Paul Mean by His Remarks in 1 Corinthians 15:8?

(An interesting question)

QUESTION: What Do You Make of Ezekiel 38-39? I Continue to be Perplexed.

QUESTION: Why Do You Assume You Are Correct?

(In fact, I never just assume I am correct but always carefully check the answers which I give)

Another Look At Some Older Articles:

ARTICLE: The Rapid Formation of Coal and Oil

(It used to be believed that coal and oil took millions of years to form and this earlier "knowledge" was used against young earth creationism, but it is now far better understood that these things do not require many millions of years)

ARTICLE: How and Why the Internet Fits 21st Century Evangelism

(My article of 2012)

QUESTION: Does Hard Work Always Guarantee Success in Life?

(Does the Book of Proverbs hold up false promises? Are these really promises? Clarification needed!)

QUESTION: What is the Main Danger in Receiving Heretical Teachings?

QUESTION: But I Surely Don't Have to Believe in Adam and Eve and the Biblical Creation Story in Order to Become a Christian Do I??

(This question was sent to me about 2004, but it's the typical approach from the liberal Christian; Christians need to accept the fact that you can't divorce the story of creation and of Adam and Eve from the Lord Jesus Christ, in fact Jesus is 'the Second Adam')

ARTICLE: Self-Esteem Curricula

(From Don Closson; Much of this material is based on an American perspective and background but these same trends are now occurring everywhere)

Outstanding Article on Another Website:

Is There Evidence for the Exodus From Egypt?


Some Comments on Recent (and Older) Articles...

"...Once again I must say thank you for your articles and your continual research."

"...I now find that this is the web site which I keep coming back to all the time. You seem to carry no denominational presuppositions, you are only interested in finding the best explanation of any given verse or verses."

"I have agreed with a few of your things but not much...."

"...Have read your articles on faith, tongues, evangelical inclusivism, eternal security and a few others too, oh, the questions you have answered!"

"...Really good explanation on all topics. Occasionally I don't entirely agree but that's still great - how else can I expand my world view and develop my knowledge?."