New on UK Apologetics For April 2017

Now this is the new stuff:

ARTICLE: How Spring Flowers Perfectly Mirror the Resurrection of the Dead

(We too must die and be buried in the ground in order to attain to the resurrection of the dead!)

ARTICLE: Do We 'Get' the Big Picture?

(Some go astray when studying the Bible because of overly-focusing on the detail)

QUESTION: Could We Have Had Grace If Christ Had Not Died Upon the Cross?

(Some, having little understanding of the righteousness of God, are starting to answer this in the affirmative)

QUESTION: Will the Church Be Divinely Protected Right at the End on the Basis of Revelation 12:6?

(What is this verse saying and what is it not necessarily saying?)

QUESTION: Just in a Few Basic Points, What is a True Christian? How Might One Recognise Such a Person?

QUESTION: What is the Meaning of Psalm 106:24?

QUESTION: In Exodus 6:14-25 What Is All That Genealogy About?

(The Bible genealogies are about authentication, that is, showing that these were real people and real families who actually did what Scripture claims)

Interesting Article On Another Website:

Does the DNA Similarity Between Humans and Chimps Really Prove Anything?

(Well worth reading )

Another Look At Some Older Articles:

QUESTION: Why Do I Still Sin, Sometimes All Too Easily?

(Descriptive and, I hope, helpful)

QUESTION: What is "New Covenant Theology"?

QUESTION: Isn't Easter Pagan in Origin?

(A few still struggle with the teaching of Easter, but there is no reason to)

QUESTION: Was Jesus in the Tomb For Long Enough?

QUESTION: Surely 'Eternal Security' is a Wrong Teaching?

(No, it's as close as we can get to what Jesus taught!)


Some Comments on Recent (and Older) Articles...

"...I simply want to thank you. What a service."

"...I have found you to be very helpful. My mind has broadened in biblical understanding. I once had a very narrow view, I now see that other explanations of some Bible verses are certainly possible."

"You have carried out research on many scriptures and now give everyone in the world the benefit of that. You also do it from a perspective of faith and belief, not agnosticism."

"Thank you for your hard work. Different questions in regard of Revelation 20 will follow from me soon."

"...Please, please can we also have a commentary soon on Revelation 13 and 17? I need to recover my mind from the garbage of the tele-evangelists and prophecy nuts."

REPLY: I now have a plan to produce expositions of Revelation, chapters 12, 13 and 17 in the next 12-18 months, Lord willing. Robin.