A Question I Was Asked:

I Met Somebody Who Used to Know You. Do You Recognise This Description of Yourself?

I met somebody who knew you years ago when you were in south Wales. He said you were a straight no-nonsense talker and didn't suffer fools gladly but that you were also kind and compassionate and a good preacher. Also, that away from the lectern/pulpit and the typewriter, you were actually surprisingly quiet and shy.

UK Apologetics Reply:

Wow, I think I'll accept that! On the whole those comments are kind and generous. I'm afraid I have sometimes stated my opinion just a little too eagerly and possibly offended a few people; I regret that, but now I have learned to 'hold back' a bit - if people don't want my opinion I don't have to give it.

With painstaking searching it is even possible to still find one or two things on this website that I wrote many years ago, including possibly some criticism of a former Baptist Union of Great Britain superintendent that I got to know in Wales many years ago. I stand by any past critiques but I always refuse to name people (that is, where I have known people personally and interacted with them - I do name high profile preachers who seek to exploit people and to extract money from the gullible).

Of course, I have forgiven all such people (where I feel they were less than kind to me and to this ministry), yet such examples will remain on-site for the benefit of others because we can all learn from these things.

Robin A. Brace. July 27th, 2017.