A Question I Was Asked:

Do You Stand with Dr Kent Hovind on His Form of Creationism?

I note you are a creationist. Do you stand with Dr Kent Hovind on his form of creationism?

UK Apologetics Reply:

No, I do not. I fully support creationism, teaching that God did indeed create this world in six days just as the Bible teaches. Kent, I believe, would agree with that, but he adds a lot of things to his creationist 'pot,' which gives me problems; he adds dispensationalism, and other things, he even adds the 'KJV Bible only' approach (something which I most certainly do not agree with), also, unless he has now changed his approach (I have not heard him speak for several years), he also talks a lot about U.S. gun law which he obviously disagrees with.

For me, when one teaches creationism and anti-evolutionism (which I do), one needs to keep these other matters separate. I have a problem when people introduce a lot of other things into the pot, insisting that 'this is all part of God's approach,' when - in truth - some of those other things might be a matter of personal opinion among believers. We should not be too quick to jump in where Bible teaching is silent! Probably the main difference between Dr Hovind and myself is that I would describe him as a real old-fashioned southern fundamentalist type whereas I am certainly evangelical. No, I don't 'buy' all of his statements.

Robin A. Brace. June 3rd, 2017.