A Question I Was Asked:

Do I Support 'Flat Earth' Theory??

In your recent article on the flat earth controversy you seemed sympathetic to the flat earth claims; any particular writer that you support on this topic?

UK Apologetics Reply:

No, unfortunately not. The problem is, most of these people are conspiracy theorists and I am not going to go down that particular path. All I say is that in some areas these people are entirely correct; actually, globe Earth and Helio-centric teaching has several major flaws but since modern science supports it wholeheartedly, everybody thinks that they should not challenge it: it's a bit like macro-evolution; the flaws are clear for any keen researcher to quickly discover but nobody wants to be laughed at and modern naturalistic scientism has created an atmosphere of reverence around itself; 99% of all the liberal media support the conclusions of modern science and are unwilling to challenge these things.

However, to say that I support 'flat-earthism' would be to go too far, but I am loosely supportive of some of the points which they make. These people would have become far more influential but for two major problems:

a. The term 'flat-earth' or 'flat-earthism' has become considered a little laughable; it's just too easy to mock before one even reads exactly what these people mean.

b. They are considered just another conspiracy theory and they themselves have encouraged this by virtue of some of their leading thinkers supporting several conspiracy theories. You will not be taken too seriously if considered part of the general goon movement.

Robin A. Brace. October 19th, 2017.