A Question I Was Asked:

When Will Evolution Die?

When will Evolution finally die?

UK Apologetics Reply:

Evolution has already died, but - as in many things within science - theories will continue to have some sort of existence for many years after they have been dismissed by better evidence, better knowledge, better testing and a better application of sound logic. As an example of that, 'global warming' (worldwide weather warming as caused by human activities) was finally demolished as a theory around the year 2000 and, in fact, the world is now in a cooling phase, yet - despite this - the global warming theorists have still not relented on pushing their philosophy and it continues to be assumed almost everywhere; here in the UK, especially by the BBC and the Guardian press. Many propagandists are lazy, simply not keeping up with the latest knowledge in their field. Anyone now starting a sentence with something like, "Because of global warming we should be..." should be immediately disregarded.

Today a thing called 'scientism,' a ridiculous religious faith as applied to the power of science, insisting that only modern science knows about the true meaning of life and is the only ultimate arbiter of truth, holds sway. Scientism won't be dismissed too willingly because it has taken to itself the majesty, prestige and power of a god; once it is dismissed, only acknowledging the Eternal God is left.

But evolution died when it was found that the fossil evidence did not support it, but rather it supported divine creation. It died when the mathematical laws of probability ruled that it simply could not have happened - far too much was required of it, bearing in mind that everything which macro-evolution teaches is based upon chance, random occurrences and the regular and continual successes of 'one chance in ten million' scenarios. Yet every single one of us knows that you cannot get continual success from 'one chance in ten million' scenarios, you can't even get one! There is more chance that, walking through the city centres of London, New York or Sydney, you would be run over and killed by a runaway elephant! In our own day, the leading thinkers in philosophy, ethics and logic and, yes, science too, no longer even talk about evolution. Evolution has become the domain of the lecturer, the lower-level teacher, the committed liberal, the committed atheist and the demagogue, oh yes, and most BBC TV 'science' programmes (which generally continue to be about 50 years out of date). A 'demagogue,' by the way, is a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument; Hitler loved evolution, as did Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot and other twentieth century despots. Why? Because if evolution is true, then it makes good sense to kill weaker elements in a society, therefore hate-filled despots have loved it.

So, in answer to the question, evolution has already died but don't expect it to disappear any time soon, it might still have a hundred years of life, 'life' of a sort, that is. Yet bits are being hacked off it every year, eventually it must collapse, more seriously (for evolution) is that most of those doing the hacking are themselves scientists, but these are scientists who are prepared to 'think outside the box,' who (privately at least), know that evolution is in its 'death throes' and now they want to move on. Will they openly admit this? Mostly no, don't forget: a lecturer on evolution can still lose his or her job by challenging it! This is why - for the present - the major challenges are coming from writers and lecturers on science who are financially self-sufficient, not being dependent on receiving the salary of some large educational establishment. However, this will spread.

Robin A. Brace. April 7th, 2017.