A Question I Was Asked:

Should You Now Also Expose Spherical Earth Propaganda?

Your work on exposing the lie of evolution has been marvellous, but how about now, going forward, exposing the lie of the spherical earth?

UK Apologetics Reply:

Because my job is Christian Apologetics, I don't 'do' conspiracy theories. I attack evolution, well really I attack macro-evolution, because it is false knowledge which attacks God, It says something like, 'God was not needed, evolution has done everything, bringing us to where we are.' That, of course, is utter trash. Evolution is mindless, random, admitting no access to the information which is certainly present in the universe. The teaching of macro-evolution is nothing short of a lie of incredible proportions. As a theist, and as a Christian teacher, I must attack it, for it raises its ugly and ungainly head against God.

The actual shape of our earth is a different matter; one can be a believer with either of the two main views on this. I do know that 'flat earth' research has recently re-emerged, even providing some amazing data which certainly seems to answer many puzzles. There is now also very little doubt that NASA have 'doctored' (or, 'photoshopped') pictures of an apparently spherical earth as supposedly taken from space, but I hold no view on it, having an open mind.

Robin A. Brace. March 30th, 2017.