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"Four Species of Human Ancestor Roamed Earth 3 Million Years ago, According to New Study of African Fossils..."

More incredible, unestablished and entirely unevidenced fake news trash makes it to a tabloid paper.

T he tabloid papers, especially, here in the UK, the Daily Mail Online are having a seriously good dig at voices which question evolutionary mantra. Perhaps the trend commenced back in the summer of 2016 with the headline we have quoted.

That particular report commenced thus:

Australopithecus afarensis was one of the longest-lived and best known early human species.
The species, whose most famous fossil 'Lucy' comes from Ethiopia, roamed the Earth around 3.2 million years ago - and new evidence has found they were not alone.
Four different species of hominin co-existed at the time of Lucy, according to the results of an in-depth review of the fossil evidence gathered over the last few years.

The amazing thing is that this story quotes "Lucy" as a human relative even when the Lucy story has now been widely debunked. So obviously no real research went into this story; who cares about careful research when one is an ardent evolutionist?

The story continues,

Until 1995, the fossil record suggested there was only one pre-human species at any given time before 3 million years ago. It was thought each species gave rise to another new species through time in a linear manner.
But the discovery of Australopithecus bahrelghazali from Chad in 1995 and Kenyanthropus platyops from Kenya in 2001 challenged this idea. These two species were not widely accepted, and instead considered as geographic variants of Lucy's species, Australopithecus afarensis.
The discovery of a 3.4 million-year-old Burtele partial foot from the Woranso-Mille announced by Haile-Selassie in 2012 was the first conclusive evidence that another early human ancestor species lived alongside Australopithecus afarensis.

Now, one should just pause here to consider that none of these 'facts' are in any way established and the evidence - thin as it is - is easily capable of other interpretations, indeed many scientists - I mean evolution-accepting scientists - poo-poo the whole thing. All of this imaginative reasoning is hype, speculation and 'maybe but maybe not' material. Whilst the fact that rather impressive-sounding names such as "Australopithecus afarensis" are employed might convince some, we need to remind ourselves that this unbridled speculation is based on a fragment of a bone from here and a fragment of a bone from there; that is all, that is all there ever is.

Almost incredibly, In an inset article on the same page titled 'The Complex Evolution of Man,' the following evolutionary (highly imaginary) time line is presented, I quote it, then add my own comment regarding the available evidence:

  1. (QUOTE) "55 million years ago - First primitive primates evolve." (EVIDENCE AVAILABLE: NONE).
  2. (QUOTE) "15 million years ago - Hominidae (great apes) evolve from the ancestors of the gibbon." (EVIDENCE AVAILABLE: NONE).
  3. (QUOTE) "8 million years ago - First gorillas evolve. Later, chimp and human lineages diverge." (EVIDENCE AVAILABLE: NONE).
  4. (QUOTE) "5.5 million years ago - Ardipithecus, early 'proto-human' shares traits with chimps and gorillas." (EVIDENCE AVAILABLE: NONE).
  5. (QUOTE) "4 million years ago - Ape like early humans, the Australopithecines appeared. They had brains no larger than a chimpanzee's but other more human like features." (EVIDENCE AVAILABLE: NONE).
  6. (QUOTE) "3.9-2.9 million years ago - Australoipithecus afarensis lived in Africa." (EVIDENCE AVAILABLE: NONE).
  7. (QUOTE) "2.7 million years ago - Paranthropus, lived in woods and had massive jaws for chewing." (EVIDENCE AVAILABLE: NONE).
  8. (QUOTE) "2.3 million years ago - Homo habalis first thought to have appeared in Africa." (EVIDENCE AVAILABLE: NONE).
  9. (QUOTE) "1.85 million years ago - First 'modern' hand emerges." (EVIDENCE AVAILABLE: NONE; IN FACT, THE SPECIFICITY OF THIS CLAIM AMOUNTS TO A BLATANT LIE).
  10. (QUOTE) "1.8 million years ago - Homo ergaster begins to appear in fossil record." (EVIDENCE AVAILABLE: NONE; IN FACT, THE SPECIFICITY OF THIS CLAIM AMOUNTS TO A BLATANT LIE).
  11. (QUOTE) "1.6 million years ago - Hand axes become the first major technological innovation." (EVIDENCE AVAILABLE: NONE).
  12. (QUOTE) "800,000 years ago - Early humans control fire and create hearths. Brain size increases rapidly." (EVIDENCE AVAILABLE: NONE).
  13. (QUOTE) "400,000 years ago - Neanderthals first begin to appear and spread across Europe and Asia." (EVIDENCE AVAILABLE: NONE).
  14. (QUOTE) "200,000 years ago - Homo sapiens - modern humans - appear in Africa." (TIMING EVIDENCE AVAILABLE: NONE).
  15. (QUOTE) "40,000 years ago - Modern humans reach Europe." (TIMING EVIDENCE AVAILABLE: NONE *).

(Date of this article in the Mail Online: 7 June 2016).

* Incidentally, if the last figure (claiming that 'modern humans' reached Europe 40,000 years ago) should be correct and it is already established that the first real human civilisations formed only circa 3,500 BC (less than 6,000 years ago), mainly in the Near East and the Indus valley, one must ask: what on earth were these people doing for something like 30,000 plus years?? Could a 'people' who took this long to form the first civilisation have even survived?
It should be remembered that even lowly creatures like ants, wasps and bees quickly form their own societies!


Again, this sort of stuff is now presented to our children as established fact when it is no more than hype, speculation and the most incredible 'scientism' (unestablished, unproven "science" based on an anti-supernaturalist agenda, using heavy artistic and poetic licence).

So at the time that real scientists are starting to admit that the "missing link" proving man's relationship to the ape is almost surely never going to be found and the family link never going to be established, here we witness an imaginative writer for whom things like facts and solid evidence are irrelevant, all the links already decided. It is, of course, utter humbug, the result of an over-active imagination running riot. This is to "decide" evolutionary history not on actual sustainable evidence but on perhaps 24 fragments of bone, part of a hip here, part of a skull there, never any complete skeleton from anywhere. The rest being decided by speculation, poetic licence and a keen desire to promote evolutionary theory - with or without evidence.

Once again, let us just remind ourselves that the first human civilisations only go back to something like 3,500 BC. This is long established by archaeology and anthropology. Everything beyond that can only ever be hype, personal opinion, superstition, pseudo-scientism or maybe a colourful mixture of fairy tales.

The Christian Hawk, May 16th, 2017.