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Article 50 Triggered; 'Brexit' Gets Underway

March 30th-April 3rd, 2017.

T he United Kingdom government has finally - on March 29th - triggered what is known as 'Article 50,' which signals that it will be leaving the EU within the next two years, although some claim the process will probably take much longer than that in full. Other commentators, however, feel that no satisfactory arrangement will be reached and that Britain will finally decide to simply walk away from the EU, which it is well able to do. For it's part, the EU is losing a major contributor and will try to extract as much as possible from the UK but not so much that it's own industries are permanently damaged, the Germans are especially concerned here because the UK is - by far - the leading European export market for it's cars and they don't want this to be impaired.

This will start a truly historic process, something many would have said would be impossible and untenable bearing in mind how much EU legislation will now have to be dismantled and transferred to the UK statute book. But it is real triumph for the ability to 'think outside the box,' and all who have striven for this goal should be congratulated on their foresight and wisdom, especially Nigel Farage who had been lobbying for this goal for several years. Mr Farage has also demonstrated how much a single politician can accomplish while not being a member of the British parliament; truthfully he has been subjected to the most appalling vitriol and hatred by die-hard liberals, yet he has managed to come through it all, often with a great smile on his face. What an incredible example of what an "outsider" can accomplish!

The British people had democratically voted for this outcome in the June 2017 referendum on the nation's future. Anger and resentment against the EU had been building up for several years, with many coming to feel that the best interests of the British were not being served by continuing membership in what had originally been purely a trading organisation. However the organisation had grown huge with a balancing act having to be continually performed in the EU 'capital' Brussels in order to balance the interests of nations as diverse as Greece, Portugal and Ireland against powerful states like the UK, Germany and France. A huge level of 'open border' migration from mainly less prosperous countries in eastern Europe was increasingly actively encouraged, mainly by German leader Angela Merkel, who appeared to show no willingness to face up to the problems this was causing.

Eventually UKIP was formed (the United Kingdom Independence Party) and the dynamic, frank and outspoken Nigel Farage MEP (member of the European Parliament), a most gifted public speaker, was its leader. Bit by bit Mr Farage helped British public opinion to see that the EU had become a monstrously wasteful and inefficient dinosaur, possibly good for a while in the later twentieth century but no longer fit for purpose in this twenty-first century, moreover, it was increasingly introducing new legislation which was firmly against British interests. New British Prime Minister Theresa May was on hand to pick up this baton at the appropriate moment and to run with it; the rest, as they say, is history.

The Christian Hawk, March 30th-April 3rd, 2017.