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Liberals Are Unreasonable In Their Attacks on Donald Trump

January 30th, 2017.

L iberals have been, and continue to be, entirely unreasonable in their attacks on new American President Donald Trump. The new president should be admired for immediately setting into motion several key election promises to the American people. Here we have a president who not only promises but speedily delivers. Yet Trump has been subjected to almost unparalleled hatred and scorn. As an example, just a week after his inauguration he put into action his long-promised plan to tighten restrictions on those who can enter the United States. Seven countries had serious restrictions placed on their entry. The irony here is that this list was drawn up - not by Trump - but by outgoing president Obama. On 30th January 2017, The Daily Express reported:

Liberals need to be encouraged to wake up, smell the coffee, and to live in the real world!

...Opponents have been quick to highlight that Barack Obama banned Iraqi refugees from entering the US in 2005 over terrorism fears. Mr Obama's administration stopped processing all applications from Iraqi migrants over a six-month time period. It has also emerged that Democrat favourite and husband of Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, took a tough stance against immigration, deporting the highest number on record in 2000 when 1,864,343 aliens were booted out, according to the US Center for Immigration studies. (Source:

Also the list is a temporary list. The directive places a 90-day blanket ban on all immigrants and visitors travelling from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Libya – and indefinitely prohibits access to Syrian refugees. This is for a very good reason, most of the current batch of "refugees" are not refugees at all in the older sense, they are economic migrants. Moreover, Syrian "refugees" have quite recently included terrorists committed to causing havoc in the West.

Now it is true that unreasonable haste in putting the entry ban into place might have caused certain problems which could have been avoided (apparently some interpreters who have worked for the US government for years suddenly found they could not get into the country), but overall the effects of the ban were certainly exaggerated.

Trump has stated his desire to show most help to 'Christian refugees,' again this has caused a predictable storm. Why do the liberal media have this continual pro-Islamic bias? The beginning of this travel ban coincided with demonstrations at four USA airports. It is now learned that these noisy and sometimes violent 'demonstrations' were pre-planned but they managed to cause confusion and turmoil; the liberal media quickly seized on this and Trump was roundly condemned for causing this chaos when, in fact, it was carefully planned in advance. An additional problem with some of these airports was a sudden Delta computer outage, obviously that could not be predicted. Nevertheless, it now turns out that fewer than 1% of travellers through US airports were prevented from entering the United States. Despite this all the main anti-Trump liberal news outlets, such as the BBC, CNN and several others quickly exaggerated the situation, showing a most incredible bias against President Trump. This is deplorable. It appears that many people did not believe that President Trump would do what he said he would do but prior to being elected he had continually said that he would make some of these changes quickly.

Liberals seem to be forgetting that ISIS have declared themselves to be at war with the West and in a war situation travel restrictions are to be expected. This is nothing compared to the travel restrictions and prohibitions which happened during World War II. Japanese families who had settled in the US long before the outbreak of war, for example, were placed in internment camps while the war lasted. Modern liberals seem to exist in their own cloud cuckoo land which often seems to have little connection with reality; these people need to be encouraged to wake up, smell the coffee, and to live in the real world.

Christians Should Welcome Trump's Proposed Changes

The new Trump administration is set to get tough on abortion, intending to promote pro-life wherever possible, also climate change philosophy (unproven and costly for the taxpayer) is set to be quickly dumped. Donald Trump and his advisors consider it to be an entirely unproven teaching. Moreover on the refugee question Trump has insisted that preference should be given to Christian refugees escaping persecution. Again, liberals have offered howls of protest that any preference should be given to refugees of any particular religion.

The Christian Hawk, January 30th-February 3rd, 2017.