A Question I Was Asked:

Why is the World in a Mess? Is it Because of What Happened Right at the Beginning?

And Why Did God Allow Slavery?

Why is the World in a Mess? Is it Because of What happened Right at the Beginning?

Also, Why Did God Allow Slavery to Occur?

UK Apologetics Reply:

Right at the beginning, in the Garden of Eden, God insisted that men and women choose for themselves which way they would go, They were offered the choice of two trees. The Tree of Life represented allegiance to God, and men and women would have walked with God had they chosen that. Unfortunately the first couple chose the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil; that was to form their own societies and systems without input from God; it was to decide for themselves what constitutes "good and evil." The first couple made this choice for all their children. Genesis 2:8-9, 15-17.

So men and women have formed their own societies and have set their own standards of right and wrong. You mention slavery, slavery was one of the things which followed; that was one of their decisions and choices, but since God could see that slavery would be around for a few thousand years, he insisted that these people should be treated properly (Colossians 4:1), but God has had a 'hands off' policy during this time; He is allowing men and women to learn for themselves, to 'decide' their own standards. God is presently giving His children a huge dose of aversion therapy; since the first couple made an incorrect choice (on behalf of all their children who would follow), God is now 'rubbing our noses' in the inevitable results of sin. Following this, mankind will never again doubt that God's ways are best.

More on Slavery

You ask about slavery. Slavery was not good and it resulted from greed and exploitation but would eventually occur because of the forbidden tree which the first couple had eaten of. By the way, despite what many think, the great majority of slaves have been white people (the Roman Empire period etc), the black slave period, despicable that it was, was much shorter, mainly 16th-early 19th centuries. God would not have chosen slavery, in fact, the Israelites were barred from practicing it. See Exodus 21:16. However, when slavery became inevitable the Lord did put in place certain laws on it; see Leviticus 25:44-46. No Israelite could be taken as a slave. Eventually, in the 19th century, the move to totally oulaw slavery came from the Christian community.

Robin A. Brace. November 24th, 2017.