Why Do Atheists Hate God?

by Don Batten

Can It Ever Make Any Sense for an Atheist to say "I Hate God"?

Can You "Hate" Something That You Don't Believe Even Exists?

by Robin Brace

If an atheist consistently did not believe in God it would be entirely foolish for him or her to say, "I hate God." God would not even figure in their thinking. No, they say this because they feel rebellious towards God, and toward any concept of an all-powerful God Who presumes to tell human beings how they should live and behave. For my part, I don't think that Martians (visitors from Mars) exist, therefore I would have no logical reason to state, "I hate Martians!" Why would I need to "hate" something which only exists (as far as I am concerned) in various people's imaginations? The very moment I say, "I hate Martians," I am already acknowledging that they possibly exist!

So atheists are often prone to fall into this logical trap, this tending to betray that they secretly fear that God might indeed exist, yet they want no part of Him, nor of religion in general. But here too they often quickly fall into an illogical line of thought because 'religion' does not even have to include an omnipotent God (Buddhism doesn't), it is also now well-understood that many things might form a religious belief, including a passionate adherence to ones favourite football team, to communism and, indeed, to evolutionism. Interestingly, some supporters of atheism have recently said that they need a 'church of atheism'; if such a nonsensical thing were ever to appear this would indeed confirm that atheism is clearly a religious belief and - of course - it clearly is, since it strongly and often aggressively teaches in a traditional religious area, moreover the usual impassioned support for a particular theological position is emphatic and evangelical in nature, so Richard Dawkins is clearly a religionist, also, he is an evangelical religionist since he seeks to win converts for his position!

R ecently, I have had a lot of conversations with atheists. Many express a strong hatred of God. I have been at a loss to explain this. How can you hate someone you don’t believe in? Why the hostility? If God does not exist, shouldn't atheists just relax and seek a good time before they become plant food? Why should it matter if people believe in God? Nothing matters if atheism is true.

Aldous Huxley (1894–1963), the brother of the atheistic evolutionist Sir Julian Huxley, advocated a drug-fuelled utopia. He gave the reason for his anti-Christian stance:

"I had motive for not wanting the world to have a meaning … the philosophy of meaninglessness was essentially an instrument of liberation, sexual and political."(Huxley, A., Ends and Means, 1937, pp. 270.)

Like Huxley, some people don't like God because they don't like moral constraints - you can make up your own rules, or have none at all, if God does not exist. They hate God and Christians because - in truth - they are actually not confident that God does not exist and seeing Christians may remind them that they are 'suppressing the truth' (Romans 1:18).

What about atheists who had a church/religious upbringing? Some of them hate God because of inconsiderate, spiteful or evil things done to them by teachers in religious schools or by church leaders - people who on the face of it represented God. Antipathy towards God may thus sadly be an understandable reaction (although clearly illogical).

Many complain about hell; they are angry at God because of hell. I understand that teachers in certain church-based schools, and parents in some 'religious' homes, commonly used the 'fear of God' to make children behave. "You are bad; you will burn in hell if you don't behave." But such a simplistic works-oriented approach not only trivializes this most serious of subjects, it actually negates the Gospel of God's grace. (We are all 'bad' in God's eyes, and 'behaving properly' will not save us - only Jesus can.)

A child who is having difficulties may well conclude that there is no way out for them, leading to years of nightmares about suffering in hell. Such a troubled teenager hearing an atheist say that evolution explains how we got here and that God is a myth could actually find this to be a liberating message, a kind of release from their fears.

The Gospel is missing from all this. The Bible tells us that God is in the business of salvation. Though His wrath regarding sin is all too real (as seen in the Fall and Flood judgments), we need not suffer it. Those who come to Him in repentance and faith will not be turned away (John 6:37).

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only-begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." (John 3:16).

It is strange indeed that people hate God, who loves so much.

Some atheists complain of Christian ‘intolerance’ in speaking about God's judgement and hell. But if those who spurn God's forgiveness will suffer God’s wrath, shouldn't we Christians be warning everyone about the danger and how they can be saved? How can that be 'intolerant'? We are warning people of danger just as we might warn about the dangers of selfish and dangerous driving. Sometimes It is extremely unloving not to warn others of our belief that, unless one changes one's bahaviour/ practices there is impending danger ahead! A gift of Creation magazine might be a good place to start.

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