A Question I Was Asked:

I Have Recently Become a Christian; How Do I Counteract Calvinism?

I have been seeking God and I recently became a christian but I was recently encountered by Calvinists. After some research I found that many 'knowledgeable' scholars believe this. This I find alarming because I thought I truly know the gospel but they presented me with a new one.

How do I overcome this and truly know what the will of God is for me in this situation?

UK Apologetics Reply:

Don't let the hyper-Calvinists put you off; they are right about certain things (in their rejection of the prosperity teaching, for instance), but certainly wrong elsewhere. If you go through this site of UK Apologetics very carefully, it will teach you all of these things, yes, it really will. Be patient, don't join yourself to a church until you have sorted some of these things out because there are a lot of wolves out there!

If you want to clarify all of these doctrines you need to spend a lot of time on this website because sorting out Christian truth from error has been my lifetime mission.

Here are some places you could start:

Statement of Faith

The Golden Rules of Biblical Interpretation

The Major Teachings of the Christian Faith

Where We May Differ, and Where We Should Defend the Truth

More Specifically on Calvinism:


Limited Atonement Exhaustively Refuted

The Availability of Salvation:

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Robin A. Brace. November 18th, 2017.