A Question I Was Asked:

Can Those in the Cults and Sects Be Saved?

Can those in the cults and sects be saved? I sometimes despair because I have an aunt and uncle who are Mormons and a sister who is a Jehovah's Witness.

UK Apologetics Reply:

The answer has to be yes because although these groups invariably have a deficient understanding, frequently legalistic, ultimately, salvation is not according to one's level of knowledge but is by faith alone. In many cases, God might already be working with some of these people, gradually opening their minds to a further, and purer, knowledge of what Jesus accomplished upon the cross. This, after all, was our own path; we came out of a legalistic sect but - bit by bit - I found our minds opening to really grasp justification by faith alone. We came to learn that our calling and election were written in Heaven a long time ago - nothing to do with our membership of any particular group. Then we came to see that the leader of the group which we followed was a very deeply flawed man, full of contradictions, having little understanding of Christian history, plenty of loud bombast, pretty good persuasive powers, but truthfully very little knowledge (the worst part was that he, and the leaders he appointed, had no understanding of how little knowledge they possessed).

At the time I underwent a period of deep and intensive study to establish the doctrines (teachings) of the early Church and the only conclusion I could reach was that the group we associated with was just plain wrong - not just in one or two minor areas - but across quite broad fronts. I found that Justification by Faith Alone is the truest, purest Christian doctrine. We are saved by Jesus Christ, not by any number of rules and regulations. Reliance on any kind of blueprint on how to 'get saved' could only lead to spiritual disaster.

But within such groups there are many sincere people who have a hunger to obey God to the best of their abilities. They fall short because of being misled by false and uncalled leaders. In the process of time I believe that any whom God is truly calling will come to see the errors in these groups and finally come to understand salvation by grace through faith; Jesus of Nazareth is our only Saviour not any number of strange, odd or fanciful teachings. If any never come to really understand the cross of Christ, those ones, one must conclude, are not being called.

Robin A. Brace. August 20th, 2016.