A Question I Was Asked:

Did God Create Other 'Pre-Men' or 'Proto-Men and 'Proto-Women' Before He created Adam and Eve?

Neandertals - An Impression

There is a big problem with 'neandertals': there is no real evidence - and most certainly no proof - that they ever existed. The flimsiness, 'padding,' and subjectivity of any scant "evidence" would be thrown out of any court of law - case dismissed - within minutes! Despite this, schools and colleges now teach them as fact.

Did God create other Pre-Men or 'Proto-Men' and Proto-Women before He created Adam and Eve? Is it not possible?

UK Apologetics Reply:

It's a fair question. No, I don't believe that He did. I am unconvinced by all this talk of "neandertals" and such like. A few years ago I looked into this business quite closely. The evidence that there were other pre-men and pre-women who, if you like, were more animal-types with no possibility of access to God, is so incredibly thin and unconvincing that none of us need to consider it. It is all theory, hype and speculation. These people who talk about 'neandertals' and such like are simply looking at fragments - I repeat - fragments of bones which are thousands of years old. If they discover any sort of oddity, such as signs of a more curved spine, they will quickly say, 'Ah - a neandertal!' A few years further on other scientists will often say, 'oh no, it was probably human after all.' Yet 'neandertals' are now taught as fact in all our schools and colleges! Why? It's a truth for our time produced by people who no longer believe in 'truth' as an eternal proposition, they consider 'truth' to be adjustable. These "researchers" (I put that in quotes because a true researcher will not have an agenda which is already decided which most of these people do) go by all sorts of impressive-sounding names such as 'physical anthropologists,' 'bioarchaeologists,' 'evolutionary-archaeologists' or even 'paleontologists' (the latter may also study ancient bones which have become fossilized). Anyway, that is my honest opinion. If the equivalent volume of available evidence were produced in court in any serious criminal trial it would be thrown out of court within minutes. I might get together an article on this topic in the future, but that is where I stand.

Robin A. Brace. March 21st, 2016.