A Question I Was Asked:

Is Theology and Apologetics for everyone?

Is Theology and Apologetics for everyone?

UK Apologetics Reply:

I used to think, yes, absolutely for everyone but there are a few who only seem to become confused by it and, to be frank, they are far better leaving the subject alone. For these people, I would advise: just accept the truth of the Gospel as presented. No great education is required and thousands who could not even read or write had no trouble in embracing it. That's fine, but one will never be able to handle too many questions about the Christian life without going a bit deeper. If one is going to go out there and teach others, one has to go deeper, for one reason, because of all the questions which could well be asked.

As I have said more than once, to go into theology and Christian Apologetics at a deeper level it helps if one is a good, clear, logical thinker and reasoner. A few are inclined to be changeable and too easily swayed by people they like and admire, some also get very emotional and they 'hate' things at an emotional level but not at a reasoned and carefully-considered level. Many years ago I knew an ex-Jehovah's Witness like that. She emotionally "hated" certain things because of former prejudices. She could not tackle the Holy Trinity at all because of the baggage of her past. But she did become a Christian but still did not like the term 'Holy Trinity.' Oh, she accepted that Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God the Father were all God so she had no real problem with it but if she heard the term "the Holy Trinity" it was like a red cloth to a bull! A good Apologist and theologian cannot have areas like that - emotion and prejudice cannot be allowed into the reasoning process. Things must be examined and assessed on the level of the Holy Bible - not according to emotions, feelings or prejudices.

More recently I had an email questioner like that. She asked me lots of questions over a period of time, but I began to see that none of it was 'sticking,' so to speak. She remained confused even though I was very careful in how I explained things. As the old saying goes, 'you can bring a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.' I found that this person, sincere I have no doubt, was comparing things I said with a cult she once had connections with. I said stop comparing what I say with a cult, compare what I say with the Holy Bible!

Robin A. Brace. January 1st, 2016.