A Question I Was Asked:

Could Being Frozen At Death Beat Death Sometime in the Future?

Could people being frozen at death beat death sometime in the future? I first heard this idea from an American some years ago. Now there has been a recent case of this in England.

UK Apologetics Reply:

Okay, the idea is that freezing preserves the body and, if this happens very quickly after death, one might - theoretically at least - be revived many years in the future after medical science finds the answer to a particular illness.

First of all, my comments here should not be applied to any particular case; I am discussing the matter from a Bible perspective, I am not attacking any bereaved person or family.

The truth is that the Bible teaches us that a soul leaves the body at death and returns to God Who originally gave it. Ecclesiastes 12 describes what occurs at death:

Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it. (Ecclesiastes 12:7).

Not understanding this teaching, many people simply don't 'get' the fact that reviving a lifeless body after several years, or many years, cannot bring such a person back to life. If God decides a person has died (and He knows the day of the death of all of us), nothing can ever change or alter that; the soul has left the body to be kept safe in Heaven. This, of course, is actually a far more hopeful and encouraging fact than any attempt to revive a lifeless body many years into the future.

The great problem today is assumed atheism. Many have not specifically studied whether or not Theism or Atheism are correct but we now live in a society which simply assumes atheism to be a correct creed, just as about 150 years ago people in the West assumed Theism and Christianity to be correct - whether practising believers or not. This is but one of the effects of Darwinism and philosophical scientism. In the last 75-100 years modern science has launched into a philosophical anti-supernaturalist approach whereas traditional science which - let us never forget - was a child of Theism, or, God-believing people, was only interested in what could be established by observation, experiment and testing. Sadly that has now gone and modern science is now dominated by theory, conjecture and philosophy, any discovered new facts are now forced to fit the theory, open-mindedness has gone. This is often intellectual dishonesty on a huge scale.

A Possible Objection To This Argument...

One might object to the above view in the following manner:

But God would know such a person would eventually be 'revived' since He knows all things; would He not, therefore, not call that particular soul back to Heaven. Okay, it is a feasible argument maybe but I don't think it is very convincing; this would make an Eternal, omnipotent and omniscient God to be waiting upon human 'medical experts' to see what they might do before He can act. I support the former view. God reclaims the souls of the deceased upon their deaths. One day we will all know these things in greater detail.

Robin A. Brace. November 21st, 2016.