A Question I Was Asked:

Do You Approve of 'Throw any Bible Question at Me' Open and Spontaneous Public Forums?

Do you approve of those 'Throw any Bible Question at Me' open-type public forums?

UK Apologetics Reply:

No, I am absolutely opposed to the concept. How can one possibly be properly prepared to respond to maybe some very tricky Bible questions in such an off-the-cuff, ad-hoc manner? It is dishonouring to the Bible and to everybody present. I have personally witnessed such a thing - many years ago - I was present when a very senior minister got himself into a terrible knot over about two out of around twenty-five questions which were thrown at him. It was unfortunate because at least a few of those present will have come away distinctly unimpressed with the message of the Bible.

The nearest I came to it personally was when conducting a sort of seminar on the Holy Trinity in a local church about eight years ago. I stated that all questions should be submitted to me in advance and all - bar about two - were, but these extra questions were thrown at me right at the end but thankfully I think I handled them okay - with the Lord's help! I have also obviously conducted Bible studies but I always prepared for them carefully, considering all sorts of possible questions which a two-chapter Bible study might lead to.

So I do not like the concept of a spontaneous 'Bible question and answer' session in which one has no opportunity to do a little research on at least certain of the questions, but I think that where it is made clear that the questions should be submitted in advance, it is a good thing, and yes, I would probably do it again. That is my opinion. The Bible is far too important a book to encourage such a spontaneous 'ask any question you like,' casual approach. It is not like holding some ad-hoc seminar on tips for home decorating!

Robin A. Brace. February 12th, 2016.