A Question I Was Asked:

I Sometimes Wonder Why the Book of Esther is in the Bible. Apparently This Book Does Not Even Mention God. What Do You Say?

I sometimes wonder why the Book of Esther is in the Bible. Apparently this book does not even mention God. What do you say?

UK Apologetics Reply:

Actually this is a most vital book since it shows how God can work through the most difficult and trying of situations to bring about His will, also how our God is able to step in and protect His people against all the odds. So it is an encouraging book with a different flavour to many Old Testament books. It just carries a great story with a twist when the evil Haman suffers the fate which he himself had conspired to bring upon others.

The book is actually anonymous but the Mordecai who features in the story is most probably also the compiler of the book. It has been suggested (Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible) that Mordecai is the same man as one 'Morduka' who was known to be a Persian court official at the time of Darius (521-486 BC). Certainly the writer has a strong knowledge of Persian customs and traditions of this period. The Persians were often helpful to people of Israelite descent, several of whom seemed to have served in Persian governments of this period.

The non-mentioning of God within the book has caused a few to question its true canonicity but its authenticity is favoured because of its widespread acceptance within both Judaism and Christianity. Also, because many of us believe that the early church was guided by the Holy Spirit to correctly compile the Bible. We can count on the canonincity of the Bible which we now have. See John 16:12-15.

Esther serves to show how God can protect and prosper His people even in turbulent times. The heroes of the story are, of course the Jews Esther and Mordecai. The wonderful story also relates how the Festival of Purim first came about. Never read it? Please read it, it is fascinating!

Robin A. Brace. April 17th, 2016.