A Question I Was Asked:

What is a Serious Bible Question?

I note that you quote the number of Bible questions which you receive in a month on your home page; December 2015 was apparently 84. You refer to these as "serious Bible questions," but what is a "serious Bible question" and what is not?

UK Apologetics Reply:

Okay. A "serious Bible question" comes from an apparently utterly sincere person who just wants the answer to a Bible-related question; it may be about evolution, or Lot's daughters, or about something some preacher said, or about the dating of an Old Testament book, it may be about whether Paul the Apostle got on with Peter the Apostle - anything. I will give my opinion. I also try to be honest; I might say "most Bible commentators believe that..." so I usually accept where more than one opinion exists. At other times I can be more assertive, such as in "this is plainly unbiblical." I do have the many years of study under my belt, including a study of both Hebrew and Greek but I am not afraid to consult wise students of the Bible, including some of the great commentators to see what they thought, maybe on some difficult and somewhat unclear Bible verse. I want sensible and accredited opinions based on a knowledge of the Holy Bible and not on any denominational preference; my own opinion is irrelevant, I only want to know what the inspired Word of God is saying.

A few questioners, however, just want an argument and I don't take these people too seriously. Sometimes I receive an email of ridiculous length telling me what the "correct teaching " on a Bible doctrine is; they don't ask my opinion - they attempt to lecture me. I mostly ignore these people because they are not serious questioners. Incidentally, they are also almost always wrong on the particular teaching they want to advance.

I always request people to send short emails, with the question at the beginning of the email and then made as clear as possible. What I definitely don't want is ridiculously long emails with a question buried somewhere within it!

Robin A. Brace. January 21st, 2016.