A Question I Was Asked:

What Do You Think of the First Ever Woman Bishop Being Appointed in The Church of England in the UK?

What do you think of the First Ever woman bishop being appointed in The Church of England in the UK? It happened, I understand, on the 17th December, 2014. The liberal media are rejoicing.

UK Apologetics Reply:

It is irrelevant from my point of view. I have virtually no interest in the liberal wing of the Church of England just as they have almost no interest in the Bible. I am interested in the teachings of the Bible, not the various political and politically-correct manouverings of this unwieldy and now all too often secular institution.

The "liberal media" are indeed rejoicing but these are largely atheistic people, or people strongly influenced by secularity and atheism.

I realise that there remain some very sincere people in that organisation but sometimes you just have to stand up and be counted. I think those are all the comments I want to make on this.

Robin A. Brace. December 20th, 2014.