A Question I Was Asked:

Why Do We Have Christmas Trees and Other Pagan Traditions at Christmas?

Why do we have Christmas trees and other pagan traditions at Christmas?

UK Apologetics Reply:

In a nutshell, an evergreen tree symbolises rebirth and resurrection which is so central to the Christian message. A Christian should be dressing and decking a fir tree (that is, if he or she wishes to do so), in a celebration that the Lord Jesus Christ has now conquered death!

Originally the pagans used decorated fir trees for their ancient feast days but what groups like the old-style WCG and the Jehovah's Witnesses fail to understand is that early Christianity took over some of these things - not as a compromise - but as a sign that they had conquered paganism. Even old pagan meeting places were sometimes taken over as churches. It was not an indication of compromise, but an indication of having conquered the old ways.

In similar manner we cannot be sure when Jesus was born and there is no question that the pagans celebrated the completion of the winter solstice, looking forwards to the spring to come; early Christianity, from around the fourth century, also took over this tradition but applied it to the birth of Jesus.

It is perhaps laughable that certain cults and sects (with no knowledge of Christian history, nor any desire to look into it), see such things as evidence of some Satanic plot.

Robin A. Brace. December 18th, 2014.