A Question I Was Asked:

Should Christians Eat Pork, as it is Forbidden in the Old Testament?

Should Christians eat pork, as it is forbidden in the Old Testament, don't think Jesus did either! What say you? This is important with Christmas around the corner.

UK Apologetics Reply:

This is very simple really. Pork, and things like shellfish, were forbidden for Israelites under the old covenant. It comes up in Leviticus 11. Under the New Covenant, however, various foods of that sort are not forbidden from a religious point of view; it is simply up to the individual to decide for himself/herself. See Acts 10:1-16. Of course, the vision of unclean animals was all about the people of Israel being prepared to accept the Gentiles, nevertheless, God would not have allowed such a vision unless the prohibition on unclean animals had also been removed otherwise the typology would have all been wrong.

However, this does not mean anybody has to eat any meat they are not happy about eating. So I say it is entirely up to the specific Christian believer. Personally, I don't eat pork or ham but that is my personal choice entirely, my wife, however, likes bacon and ham. I am not a great meat-eater, just a little roast beef now and then, it is fish which is my passion: cod, salmon, hake, mackerel and so on. I am not interested in shellfish; I just don't like it, neither does my wife. However, while on the subject, I will just say that with shellfish, freshness is absolutely vital. If not fresh and not cooked properly it can cause food poisoning. But the Bible prohibitions are now removed.

Robin A. Brace. December 5th, 2015.