A Question I Was Asked:

Two Questions: Have You Been Quoted by Any Other Writers? What First Put Your Ministry 'On the Map'?

I have two questions for you:
1. Have you been quoted by any other writers?
2. What first put your ministry 'On the map'?

UK Apologetics Reply:

Okay, I will have a go at answering these two questions.

Yes, I have been quoted, mostly in internet articles but a 2012 book, The Bondservant's Life , written by John Brenner Chandler and published in South Dakota, quoted me quite a bit. I have a copy. The writer had contacted me, asking if he could quote me, I readily agreed. I thought it might be just one or maybe two quotes but he quotes me quite a bit. I am flattered by this. Also, flattered to be quoted in such a very fine book.

What put this ministry 'on the map'? Well, I'm not sure that we are really 'on the map,' but about ten articles have created something of a stir and seem to go on doing so. My article 'The Move Away From Legalism,' written to help people move away from the influence of the cults and sects, has been quoted and commented on several times. 'All About Faith,' which I wrote in 2003, has also been much remarked upon (I am happy to say, mostly very positively). Other articles which seem to have created something of a stir would include 'What is the Explanation of the 'Faith Moving Mountains' Scriptures?' (it has consistently been in our 'top ten' most read website articles for the last few years), 'Secularism: The Most Evil Philosophy Known to Human Government,' (I have also been asked permission to quote parts of this in a forthcoming book, can't recall the book title at this moment), 'Why Western Society's Sacred Cows Attack the Kingdom of God, and 'Is Physical Healing - In This Life - Included in the Atonement?' - many hundreds have read this article when coming to our website. The Shame of the Gospel Moneymen (in which I attack the prosperity teachers), has attracted many, many readers and many emailers (about 97% of them positive). Of course, I must not forget Tithing; Can We Face Up to the Truth? - this article has led to much comment and a rather flattering amount of praise from some. Yes, it too is consistently in our monthly 'top ten' most read articles.

Finally, I have been quoted several times for my rather major article, 'An Evangelical Inclusivist Defends Evangelical Inclusivism' (an article which took considerable study time and contemplation prior to actually penning). I am flattered that the American writer, Neil Punt, was so impressed with this article. He told me he would quote from it in a book which was about to come out (in the event, he did not quote it, nor even refer to me, despite taking some things from my writing! Never mind, I forgive him).

Robin A. Brace. April 21st, 2015.