A Question I Was Asked:

Why Are Certain of Your Articles Dated Very Early?

I know that you commenced your internet ministry in 2001, yet I also note that some of your early articles are dated '1998' and even earlier. Why is this?

UK Apologetics Reply:

Because I did quite a bit of writing and preaching long before this internet-based ministry was launched and it became my practice to work out - in a biblical and logical way - the best responses to many typical Bible questions even before the commencement of this ministry. Some things written by and/or researched by myself also popped up in such UK-based things as the Evangelical Times, Evangelicals Now and Reachout Trust around 1996-2002 (the last time I looked, some of the latter ones could still be found online), but I now only commit articles to this website. Some such articles also turn up (with and without my permission) on other websites.

I also considered it part of my theology training to know how to handle many typical questions which might come up when I spent a few years as an itinerant preacher. I knew that visiting preachers are often targeted for the difficult Bible questions it is sometimes thought best not to put to one's own pastor. I prepared myself for that, so when I went out to preach I was in a position to pretty much handle many routine biblical-type questions which may be thrown at one. It follows from this that when this ministry started up, answering emailed Bible questions was largely a logical progression of an approach I was already accustomed to. In one or two cases I used articles which I had already written when certain questions were sent in to this website.

Following the above, the questioner also came back at me with a few follow-up questions. Here they are:

1. Do you still get out and preach?


2. Do you rule it out completely?

No, not completely, it would depend, but I would no longer travel large distances to preach. My wife is not in great health and I need to be with her; it is difficult for her to be comfortable during a normal service, she has a special chair to help with her physical problems, it is in our own home and we need that to be close by. This is one of several reasons why we now worship in our own home. Moreover, I can reach far more people online.

3. Have you ever lectured or conducted a seminar on some part or other of Christianity?

Yes, I conducted a seminar-type evening in a local church a few years ago on The Holy Trinity. It was risky because the subject is not easy but it went rather well. I invited questions from those assembled. I enjoyed the experience and I think that most who were present thought they were helped by the experience. I would possibly consider doing that again if invited to do so.

4. What about lecturing on evolution? I know you have taken a great interest in this subject, especially in evangelicalism's avoidance of it.

A few years ago I started to prepare a lecture on this very theme. I was going to use Powerpoint but it got cancelled and I have never got back to it. Would I do it now? I don't know, I'm quite a few years older now. First I would need to be approached but I doubt if any local church would approach me because, here in the UK, they prefer to totally avoid the whole thing. Lamentably, many want to avoid the whole area of Christian Apologetics here - it's a mystery to me.

5. Have you been invited on Christian radio/TV?

Yes, both, on several occasions. So far, I have declined all invitations. On Christian radio they wanted me to confront an atheist who had written a book. Can't recall his name now, it wasn't Richard Dawkins but somebody else. I said I needed to read the book first but they gave me no time and did not even send me the book! Can you believe that? Then, two years ago BBC Radio 4 wanted to interview me about prosperity preachers. It would have been quite a brief interview. I said I will do it in Devon, but they wanted me to drive to London; again, I turned it down. On TV, it was back in the days of the late Doug Harris but that did not work out either. Oh, there was one other more recent occasion. Channel 4 wanted me to do something which would have lasted less than four minutes of TV time, but I would have needed to get into central London. Once again, I turned that down but said that if they sent a camera down to Devon I would do the interview down here. It didn't happen. No, I'm not too worried about any of these things, the internet is my preferred medium, it is also where thousands are going in order to look for answers. It also bothers me that both of those mediums (TV and Radio, but especially the former) are filled with false teachers and I don't want to get 'tarnished with the same brush.'

Robin A. Brace. March 17th, 2015.