A Question I Was Asked:

Is There Any Value At All in Incorrect Christian Teaching?

Do you lament that so much Bible teaching is a mixture of truth and error? I went to one website which seemed good on some Bible questions (admitting that pre-millenialism is not a correct Bible teaching, for example), but was erroneous in other places (teaching that God eventually loses the battle against the devil with a big majority going to hell). Is there any value at all in incorrect Christian teaching?

Please, please keep on your good work!

UK Apologetics Reply:

Thank you very much for the encouragement! Yes, it is frustrating indeed and I don't think that will change any time soon. All one can say is that people are often at different stages of Christian understanding and a particular doctrinal teaching (though ultimately flawed when put alongside the Bible), can intrigue, fascinate and even hook-in people to the True Faith. With maturity, many of these people will eventually reject that doctrine, yet it was still the teaching which put them 'on the end of the fishing line' at just the right time for them. Pre-millianism, flawed that it is, was one of the doctrines which was a 'hook' to me. Through, hopefully, the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit and after considerable study, I came to know that the "millenium" is not and never was a true Bible teaching, yet it was one of a few things which put me 'on the end of the fishing line' many, many years ago. The main thing is that Jesus is preached, people can mature and find some of the errors later.

Robin A. Brace. June 22nd, 2015.