A Question I Was Asked:

Where Do You Stand on Evolutionary New Age Mysticism?

How do you feel about the new evolutionary mysticism? The idea seems to be that, yes, evolution is true, and now that we have come up from nowhere and finally reached the stage of thinking, super-conscious beings, we will go on to inherit Heaven too. Maybe we will eventually even be composed entirely of spirit! Surely this is a God-denying new mysticism?

UK Apologetics Reply:

Well, it certainly rejects the biblical view of God and we - apparently - come to inherit that title!

Yes, there is also much New Ageism involved in this. These people see us all as already god-type beings who must finally inherit everything. The big problem is: sin is never discussed, nor dealt with. Jesus might be accepted, but He is not the 'major player' of the Bible. In this line of reasoning, the grand purpose of evolution which, as you state, is certainly accepted, is for us all to 'inherit all things,' now that might initially seem similar to Christianity but the differences are what make it very dangerous. Sin, and the need of sacrifice in order for us to be restored to God, find no place in these teachings. Therefore it is a deceiving teaching.

The signs are very strong that this kind of evolutionary spirituality will really take off, especially since scientific materialism ('matter and the physical realm are all there is') is now coming under great pressure to be revised (see this month's book review here). I think that as more and more start to accept the world of the spirit and spirituality - which the physical-only approach of scientific materialism cut us all off from for over a hundred years - these new views, extolling spirituality and the world of consciousness and spirit are going to really take off. These people also support NDEs ('near death experiences') hook, line and sinker. I too support them as a genuine phenomenon which most certainly sometimes occur (they can't all be wild imaginings!) but my interest in them is that they support the Christian view that mind, soul and consciousness exist independently, and beyond, the brain (materialistic science denied that for over a hundred years). I base my theology, however, on the Bible.

There seems little doubt that a reaction against atheism and secularity will set in in the future with a new spirituality gaining strength; at such a time Christians must hold on to the great truths of the Bible and its eternally true doctrines of salvation in Christ, redemption and restoration.

Robin A. Brace. January 5th, 2015.