A Question I Was Asked:

Does the Old Documentary Source Attack on the Old Testament Still Stand Among Academics?

I have noted your older 2003 article about the 'documentary source hypothesis.' Does that still stand? I mean, is it still feasible?

UK Apologetics Reply:

Is what still feasible? My article or the theory? I looked at the article again recently, I think it still stands. My 2003 article is here.

In my opinion, the 'documentary source hypothesis' (sometimes known by other names) is no longer feasible in any sense though, as usual, a few diehards stick to it (actually, they are more likely to stick to one of the many variants on the original theory). So my 2003 article does not really need updating. The old 'Graf/Wellhausen documentary source hypothesis,' was a clear atheistic attack on the veracity of the Old Testament, it is now just about dead because it did not take many things into account which we now know much more about. The good news is that the Old Testament has come out of this rather well and our additional knowledge (through archaeology etc.,) is more favourable to the Old Testament and the idea that the whole thing was fabricated by pious but ignorant and superstitious shepherds in all time periods (other than the time periods the original documents actually claimed), has lost much ground. In fact I have not even heard atheists use this as a basis for attack for many, many years (they always used to use it in the 1960s/1970s).

Robin A. Brace. January 25th, 2015.