A Question I Was Asked:

Is It Better to Avoid Labels Like 'Protestant'?

...In one of your articles you define yourself as some kind of Protestant; now, in my case, I always say simply to the people, ' I am Christian: a follower of Jesus Christ only.' My question for you, therefore, is ..... is it much better that we call ourselves simply or merely Christians? .... Maybe I am wrong...

UK Apologetics Reply:

Not at all. I think your way is excellent and I often also say 'I am simply a Christian,' but - especially these days - people often want more information than that. They often go on to ask questions about whether I am Catholic or Protestant, my attitude to Richard Dawkins etc., so I cannot just ignore those questions but your typical response is good, when one can leave it at that. Perhaps it is because I am a writer on Christian Apologetics that I often don't get away with just stating that - and nothing more. However, given the option, it can be good just to leave it at that. I certainly don't believe in giving people more information than they can handle at any particular moment.

When asked whether I am Catholic or Protestant (as some website visitors do) , I must 'front up' and admit that I support Protestant theology in most main points and that - though I should respect him - I don't support the office of pope. Therefore, I am hardly Roman Catholic. However, I am very far from the old typical 'southern' fundamentalist who always seemed to pour out venom against Catholics and Catholicism. I believe that some people within that organisation are certainly God's people since our God appears able to deal with people across several levels of knowledge.

Robin A. Brace. April 10th, 2015.