A Question I Was Asked:

Who is Bruxy Cavey? Is He Yet Another Perverting Bible Teacher?

I joined a women's bible study in my church, they are doing a book study "The End of Religion" by Bruxy Cavey, he has a ministry out of Toronto, Canada. I've stopped reading the book because there is something about it that makes me feel uneasy. I believe he teaches a unitarian doctrine and a doctrine of tolerance. The other women don't agree and have called me judgemental. I was wondering if you could give me your opinion of what you know about Bruxy Cavey. If there is basis for my concerns, how should I best handle the situation?

UK Apologetics Reply:

Bruxy Cavey is - apparently - the teaching pastor of 'The Meeting House,' described as, "a church for people who aren't into church." Okay, right at the outset I must say that I have not yet read enough of this writer to be too dogmatic about him, but, from what I understand, Canadian Bruxy Cavey has written one or two books on religion, probably the most influential of these being 'The End of Religion,' dating to 2007. In this book, Cavey essentially argues that the Jesus of the the Bible never intended to found a new religion; rather, he hoped to break down the very idea of religion as a way to God. From my point of view, that is not so revolutionary, in fact, I myself have put forward exactly the same argument in How Jesus Used the Power of Religion to Destroy Religion which I wrote about 2005. Neither do I think I was the first to put forward that argument. Jesus presented Himself as the antidote to all religions, He did not present Christianity as yet another religion to add to the pantheon of religions. So although Cavey is currently being credited with that concept, it is certainly not new.

So although Jesus came with a message to solve all religious - and other - world ills, mankind simply added Christianity to the assembly of "world religions." But Jesus went above and beyond any concept of "religion," revealing that the only true way to God and to Eternal Life was through Himself. The message seems to be: 'you have religion, but here is Jesus, the Saviour of the world!' Having said that, I have heard that Bruxy Cavey, occasionally goes too far and would reject things many of us consider essential, such as the great creeds of the Church - I cannot follow him there at all. He also appears to loosely align himself with the charismatic movement, again, I find that a little troubling. So, for me, the worry is the theological looseness and vagueness, the tendency to reduce everything to the emotional and experiential at the expense of solid Bible teaching; the Bible is a book which is strong on holding to solid doctrine and teaching; the New Testament epistles insist that you and I should have this same concern. Another source has informed me that religious pluralism (all religions lead to God) might well be part of Cavey's package. There, of course, we must be very careful not to introduce error. But I admit I have so far only read a very little of this writer, but, for now, I would simply say - be cautious. In the future, I hope to obtain and review one of Cavey's books, after which I will know much more about this writer. I seem to hear of more and more "ladies Bible studies" which operate independently of the ministry and which base their studies on some new book rather than on the Bible. It is a concern to me.

How should you best handle the current situation? That is much more difficult, but you have an absolute right to your opinion. If the book makes you feel uneasy, you are right not to continue with it because 'what is not of faith is sin' (Romans 14:22-23). Your fellow Bible study ladies should understand this if you are getting good teaching in your church. From what you have said, I think you are right to have some concerns. If possible, it might be best just to quietly withdraw from these studies without causing any fuss but if challenged by a minister over the matter you have a right of conscience to withdraw and you should be backed in that.

Robin A. Brace. December 9th, 2015.