A Question I Was Asked:

Surely the NIV Bible Is Full of Errors? Why Don't You Condemn It?

For my money, the KJV is an Anointed Bible and the Lord will be faithful in helping one to read it easily and correctly. That is my experience. You have become very well-known as a Bible teacher on the internet, why not take a stand against the NIV? Do you agree that the NIV is full of errors?

UK Apologetics Reply:

Nope, it is not "full of errors" at all. No translation is perfect but the NIV is certainly in the top five very best English translations ever produced! Only the original Hebrew and Greek are fully accurate because translation can be a tricky business. Having said that, whilst there might be just a few places in the NIV where I am not too thrilled with the rendition, I certainly stand by it as a very fine translation overall.

You are suggesting that the old KJV is perfect and "anointed," so, with the greatest will in the world, I have to accuse you of showing a lack of research and a lack of good discernment. The original KJV, which you apparently support, contained the apochrypha which it offered as 'inspired Scripture,' something no Protestant would agree with. It also contained quite a number of translation errors which even the NKJV never fully addressed. Overall, it relied too heavily on the Latin Vulgate Bible. Whilst I would agree that it was a good Bible in its day, that day has long since gone. It really is time that we put to bed this rather silly idea that it was a near-perfect translation. It was not and - let's face it - nobody speaks olde English any more.


Robin A. Brace. December 21st, 2014.