A Question I Was Asked:

Hasn't Witchcraft Always Existed?

Hasn't witchcraft always existed?

UK Apologetics Reply:

In a word, yes. Even today there are people who consider themselves witches, both 'white witches' and 'black witches' and they exist right here in southern England (where this ministry is based). Just a little internet research will confirm this fact. Despite this fact, anti-religious liberals laugh at the whole concept and insist that a belief in witches, and the supernatural, was just an ancient superstition and could not have any basis in fact. Those who, in earlier centuries, sought to track down these people and to bring them to justice are now looked upon as hateful religious bigots with a wish to cruelly persecute women. The typical modern liberal refuses to be clouded by facts or evidence in this matter. They see this matter only through the tinted spectacles of modern atheism and it is the zealous Christian believers of earlier centuries who are now seen as the real criminals.

Of course, one probably could not approve of some, or even much, of the cruelties of the 'witchfinders,' nevertheless, we must remember that they operated in a land in which Christianity was the main religion and belief system of the entire land and witches were seen as wishing to worship the devil, therefore they were outlawed. Surely we should all agree with the sentiments of Christian leaders of earlier centuries in this matter, even if not with certain of their practices. I heard one typical modern liberal commentator describe modern witches as "delightful eccentrics," this just illustrates how far we have come from our Christian heritage.

Robin A. Brace. October 25th, 2014.