A Question I Was Asked:

Where Do You Rank on the Search Engines?

The Question:

In your older questions somebody asked you if you were the top Christian teaching web resource in Europe, the question answerer suggested that the answer was probably not, but that you were headed in the right direction. That question was dated to 2005. Where are you now?

UK Apologetics Reply:

That can be a very difficult question to answer. If one types 'apologetics' into the major search engines we come up in the first page on both Yahoo and Bing but we have dropped back on Google. However, how many are using the word 'apologetics'? More likely people are typing in something they are especially interested in, such as 'prosperity gospel,' 'faith,' 'Bible prophecy' or something like that. So it is pretty much impossible to assess these things.

After the closing of our old 'My Christian World' site we have gone down the Google ratings. That site was on the old 'NTL World' system; when we were no longer their customers we asked them to remove the site but they left it up for another 3-4 years! (although I was no longer able to edit it). Finally, they took the site down about 9 months ago; Google search did not seem to like that, and we dropped away down their ratings. However, just during the last few weeks we seem to be climbing on Google again although it's patchy: some days good, other days less so.

Around late 2012, we had finally built up to coming up for 'apologetics' under Google search to their pages 2-3, but then another apologetics site, very small compared to us and US-based, obviously decided they wanted some of the 'UK Apologetics' action and started to brand themselves - not as 'UK Apologetics' - but as 'Apologetics UK,' Google search then seemed to start 'thinking' (if search robots can 'think') that they didn't want two similar names and it killed us in their apologetics search results, and we still have not completely recovered from that.

Our highest ever month for site visitors was October, 2012. During that month we had 49,610 unique visitors, that is, they had never been to our site before. That same month we also had 81,329 pages read! Of course, that is accumulative, we only have around 1,500 on the site. We also continue to have a high average figure for the time people stay on any one page; that shows interest! And that is encouraging. Our figures have now come a little down from those figures but, once again, the trend is now heading upwards again. I think that, for a European-based Christian website, our figures are pretty huge and, don't forget, our site is solid Christian teaching - no gimmicks!

Robin A. Brace. December 22nd, 2013.