A Question I Was Asked:

Is the Pope Saved or Not?

Do you believe the Pope is covered under grace, or under the law, based on his statement in the article below?

UK Apologetics Reply:

I always avoid commenting on the spiritual state before God of other believers of whatever denomination. I might be critical of various leaders for this or for that but I don't claim to have any knowledge of their standing before God. Any one of us who are saved are normally only saved by grace through faith, however, God is able to extend His bounteous mercy to others wherever He wills. Is the pope saved? I have no idea. I hope that he is because God is more patient, forgiving, and loving than any of us can imagine. God may well save many thousands of individual Catholics despite their doctrinal teaching being, I believe, incorrect in some rather important areas. He looks on the heart and how people handle that level of knowledge which has been granted to them. More than that I cannot say.

Robin A. Brace. August 22nd, 2014.