Those Who Don't Understand the Past...

Why Darwinism Allows No Understanding of the Future

Are We REALLY Simply the Progeny of Primeval Slime?

"Darwinism Has Caused Enormous Blindness To Come Over the Human Race. We No Longer Know Who We Are, or Where We Are Going. Instead Of Being the Creation of God, We Are Now Merely Considered the Progeny of Primeval Slime..."

Charles Darwin (1809-1882)

What an irony that a man who said that he simply wanted to know more about human biology has led humanity into a new godless, dark age.

I was recently thinking about a very old saying. It goes like this: 'Those who don't understand the past will never understand the future.' I tied this in with a period when Britain was more sure of its religious foundations, in contrast to modern secular Britain. I thought about the fact that the Victorian age was substantially a Christian age in Britain; it's not that it was a perfect age but progress was in the air, this coupled with numerous Christian initiatives to make life better for the average Briton. The Victorian Age, of course, was the age in which Queen Victoria ruled in Britain, that is, from 1837-1911. Without question this was an age strongly influenced by Christianity and by the Christian Gospel. Virtually nobody doubted the claims of the Gospel at that time even if many did not personally apply these things within their own lives. Atheism, however, was widely regarded as the domain of the mentally confused and not to be taken seriously.

Darwin started his work, of course, within this age and his Orgin of Species first appeared in 1859 but the book had a very mixed reception and did little to dampen the optimism of Christianity in Britain during this time. So, in an age in which the claims of Scripture were widely accepted (so, if you will, people could be said to have understood the past), there was optimism for a future in which peoples and societies would gradually improve, but only within Christian parameters because the possibility of judgment coming from God was still widely accepted throughout society at that time. So Victorian British society always believed there was a responsibility to actively encourage good moral standards to be maintained both for the good of society and not to incur the wrath of God. This, I would suggest, illustrates our axiom that those who understand the past (divine creation), can be expected to have an understanding of the future (since we are all morally responsible before God, He could intervene in judgment in any society at any time). Whilst many modern liberals and secularists might now consider this to be a highly laughable idea, there is no doubt that this is how people of that age thought.

Origin of Species appeared in 1859 but it was widely rejected, including by the prestigious Paris Institute, and would not be widely accepted - except in pockets - for probably another 50-60 years. Indeed, even in my own later 40s/ and 1950s schooldays (I left school in 1959), I recall that our science teachers did refer to it but they cherry-picked it, believing there were one or two good and interesting ideas in there but that it was far from totally correct. Yes, those ridiculous 'monkey-to-man' progression charts were available by then but often laughed at, even within the science community. The word 'theory' (which it was) was also always used. Today evolution is still a theory but modern scientists love to drop that word, inferring that no intelligent person should now even doubt it. Yet right now more and more books come off the printing press every year - written by scientists - which are facing up to the weaknesses and shortcomings of evolution.

But the point of our brief article here is that there is more than a modicum of truth in that old saying, 'those who don't understand the past, will never understand the future.' Macro-evolution - as read - shows a complete failure to understand the past of the human race. In this line of reasoning we are no longer morally responsible creatures made in the very image of God, rather, we are the completely random results of blind physio-chemical processes which originated in primeval slime some billions of years ago. Oh, evolutionary thought can describe some of the laws involved in their theory yet never explain where such physical laws came from in the first place! They are also well aware that 'life can only come from life' is a foundational law of science but, here, they say that life did not come from life, it just sort of 'came' from the presence of various acids and proteins. Macro-evolution - in truth - is quickly disproven by the most well established laws of science but evolutionists have never caused this to delay them, even for one moment.

In truth, Darwinism has caused enormous blindness to come over the Human Race. We no longer know who we are, or where we are going. Instead of being the Creation of God, we are now merely considered the Progeny of primeval slime.

Today evolution has replaced Christianity as the most powerful psychological paradigm of our age. Today our society does not understand the past, having willingly chosen a path of ignorance. Result? Modern society has no understanding of what the future might hold. The judgement of God? That is now considered laughable! Evolutionary theory has taught us to have an outlook on the future which is devoid of moral responsibility. It is open, anything is possible; that is profoundly scary. Who knows? We might all be wiped out by a huge meteor hitting our planet! Such reasoning has occurred because Christianity, and the confidence which that gives, has been swept away. Is this really the society which you want for your children and grandchildren?

Robin A. Brace. July 10th, 2014.