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New Articles for December, 2014.

Here are the new articles. To facilitate repeatedly returning to this page, you may wish to add a desktop shortcut (my preferred method), or add it to your 'favourites.'

1. Question: Where are the Original Gospels, Who Translated Them, and is the Translation 'Word Perfect'?

(This questioner wanted a lot of information, all in one go)

2. Question: Hasn't Witchcraft Always Existed?

(The truth on this might surprise some)

3. Question: Will Christian Husbands and Wives Be Together for Eternity?

(The Bible might not give a direct answer to this question but the inferences are very encouraging.)

4. Question: What Are Your Thoughts on Matthew 7:21-23?

(These verses actually say rather a lot.)

5. Question: Thanks For Getting the Balance on Christian Teaching Right!

(A few encouraging comments which came through to my computer desk)

6. Question: Did "Neandertal Man" Ever Actually Exist?

(When one sweeps away the hype, propaganda and the 'ifs' or 'maybes' how much do we actually know?)

Another look at a few older articles:

7. Four Killer Questions

(When our beliefs are attacked, we can rock our attackers back with just a few probing questions which will make them see that they are standing on very unstable ground. This originally came from Sue Bohlin.)

8. Christians - Representatives For a Coming Utopia!

(Do we sometimes forget that the Christian promise is not only about Heaven, but rather, about Heaven and Earth!)

9. Whose Life Is It Anyway?

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