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What's Behind the Multiverse Idea of Some Scientists? Can You Explain?

What's behind the "multiverse" idea of some scientists? Can you explain?

UK Apologetics Reply:

Stephen Hawking - among others - has come up with this idea. The whole idea is to get around the 'fine tuning' argument for this world's existence. In other words, Christians and Creationists have been saying, 'how could our world be so perfectly fine-tuned for life if there is no Creator God?' It is a strong argument with even some atheists admitting that it is a hard argument to defeat. After all, we know that if this world had been just a tiny bit different (and I really mean 'tiny') in numerous chemical/physical/climatological ways, no life could ever have existed. Is this not a strong argument for a Creator God? People like Stephen Hawking have started to counter this argument by using the 'multiverse' scenario. He - and others of his opinion - would say that there are countless universes out there, possibly trillions of them. so it is no surprise that possibly just one (our earth) has the perfect system for life to exist and flourish.

The multiverse idea is really pretty desperate, for one thing nobody has ever yet discovered these 'possibly trillions of other universes.' If there are indeed "other universes," how do people like Hawking know that no life exists on them? So really this argument answers nothing because:

1. It has not yet been established that these 'possibly thousands, millions, or trillions of other universes' (a 'multiverse') even exist!
2. An assumption is made that no life could exist on any of them (which we do not know).

There could indeed be other universes - a 'multiverse' - but Hawking knows nothing of this, no more, in fact, than you or I. Therefore the argument is, at best, a deflection, a cute little philosophical counter to draw attention away from the very strong 'our universe is much too fine-tuned for life for it to have occurred by chance' argument.

But there are even more problems with the recent approach of Stephen Hawking. He has been regularly inferring that if the physical circumstances are right, life will exist; but this is an impossible leap to make. Likewise, one could supposedly have worked out - long ago - that an internal combustion engine (a motor engine) could indeed function if the circumstances were correct, but a designer and constructor of that engine would still be required! Things don't simply occur or come into existence because they physically could! Increasingly, modern scientists seem to be inferring that if circumstances are right, "life" will occur, but life can never begin, nor occur without a cause, no matter how many laws are in place!

Robin A. Brace. April 26th, 2014.