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Who Was the Mother of Ham's Son Canaan?

Who was the mother of Ham's son Canaan?

UK Apologetics Reply:

Nobody knows since Genesis 8 and 9 never tell us but obviously not every single child born to Shem, Ham and Japheth after they came off the ark are mentioned, the daughters are certainly unmentioned. Therefore, Ham would have married a sister or half-sister. According to The Book of Jubilees, Noah's wife was called Emzara, Shem's wife was called Sedeqetelebab, Japheth's wife was Adataneses and Ham's wife was Na'eltama'uk. And that is as far as we can go with it.

Today it would be entirely wrong to marry such a close relative but surely we should all be able to understand that those were exceptional times. Later on it would have been wrong for the Israelites in the wilderness to marry a close relative but God was certainly well able to allow this to occur for a number of years - in order to build up the human population - without genetic damage occurring to the human family.

Robin A. Brace. November 28th, 2014.