A Question I Was Asked:

If An Alien Operating Centre Were Discovered on the Moon, Where Would it Leave Christian Claims?

The Question:

Where will all your Christian teaching be when it is confirmed that there is an alien space station on the moon? See this report. Doesn't this question the whole teaching of Christianity?

UK Apologetics Reply:

But why should it? I have written about this very point before here. Nothing here questions or imperils the teaching of Christianity one iota.

Where in the Bible does it state that animalkind and mankind upon the earth comprise the only creation of God? - nowhere! Personally, I am far from convinced that little green men are flying around our galaxy in space ships, but if they are, they would simply be another part of the divine creation and - obviously - existing on another planet. To possess such intelligence they too would presumably be made in God's image, so would have the potential for inheriting Eternal Life.

Of course, some might speculate that these 'beings' already have Eternal Life which is why they are able to do such things. Others have speculated that these beings are either: a. a certain class of angels, or, b. demonic beings. Since the demons have now been cast down to this earth (Luke 10:8; John 12:31; Revelation 12:9), if indeed these things might be classified as such, then they are operating from this earth, however it might appear to us. The short answer is that we just do not know but there is no point in believing the worst case scenario before we know.

I think it has been stated that when one loooks at all UFO 'sightings,' something like 85% are probably explainable, but that leaves a very large group which cannot be explained, so, yes, it seems that there is something 'up there' which we cannot explain at the present moment (especially considering the fact that experienced airline pilots and astronauts have witnessed them), however, this should not lead to any sense of fear in the Christian since we have cast-iron promises in and through Christ.

The Bible nowhere states that God has only placed His creation upon this earth, but it puts full focus upon this earth because this is where He has placed us, the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve.

Robin A. Brace. January 20th, 2014.

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