A Question I Was Asked:

In Heaven, Will We Instantly Know Everything?

Regarding Heaven. You know how on Earth and in human history, because we are not perfect, we have "development processes" that take time and take place, for example: In the 1800s our knowledge of metal alloys was not as advanced as it was today, it took time to discover and develop new knowledge and new materials, and some of it was by trial and error. But in Heaven, is everything instantly perfectly set and at its maximum potential....or......will we spend eternity developing, discovering, learning new things? Some fellow Christians have told me, "we will know as we are known" as the Bible says, so that means we will instantly know everything there is to know about any particular subject. But others have said, "only God is all-knowing/omniscient, and because even in our perfect glorified bodies, we will still be finite, we will thus spend eternity discovering and developing new things." So for example, just as in 1814 we were more primitive technologically than we are now in 2014, does that mean (say if Jesus returns before then), in say 10 000 AD, we will be less advanced than we will be in 30 000 AD, in Heaven and the Eternal State? Or, will everything be one set super advanced level of all there is to know?

UK Apologetics Reply:

This is a very good question and one which has never come my way before, as far as I can recall.

It is a very good and interesting point but I don't think the Bible completely answers this for us. My personal opinion is that we will go on discovering new things in the Eternal State. There are certain things we will instantly know as saved, immortal beings, for sure, but I see no reason why God would choose for us to know everything which He knows, right at the start. Maybe there are certain things which He will not make known to us at any stage.

Robin A. Brace. September 12th, 2014.