A Question I Was Asked:

Should We Purposely Seek Our Demons?

I am a born again Christian and I understand that the believer in Christ has spiritual authority, not in our own selves, but through the Lord Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. My question involves the issue of hauntings and devils. While many paranormal events are human hoaxes and mistakes, I believe some are directly due to fallen angels/evil spirits. These are the ones I am addressing here. What do you say to a born again Christian who tells you, "I want to take my Bible and go in the power of God to haunted places with the specific desire to directly confront the devils and cast them out/force them in the Name of Jesus to leave and vacate haunted locations/houses/islands/etc." ? Is this foolhardy or okay or what do you say? Example: I heard of a place where there are known to be evil spirits, it has a history of human death and "ghost sightings." Obviously (as far as one can tell), there are no human spirits wandering the Earth, they are either in Heaven or Hell. If it is real, it is a devil. What would you tell a Christian who wants to intentionally travel to that haunted place, and confront and cast out the evil spirits, with his Bible and the fact that the Lord lives inside him? Would he be opening himself up to attack and "Satanic retaliation"?

UK Apologetics Reply:

Without question I think it is just very foolhardy. Far better to keep well away. There is also a kind of spiritual vanity in this. It is one thing to confront such issues if one just happens to be in such a place unknowingly, but plain foolish to seek out such places. Yes, I believe there probably are such places. We also lack sufficient knowledge. You say these are just 'evil spirits,' but do we actually know this in every single case? The first disciples were given definite power in this area but this was accompanied by discernment as to exactly what they were up against in every single case. Even the very shadow of Peter passing over the sick could heal every single sick person back then. It is no good us pretending we have such power today because frankly we do not. These were the signs of the Apostles. Read this.

I would not go as far as to say that none of the former spectacular signs/Gifts can occur today; there seems almost no question that they can and occasionally have, but that is in times and places of the Lord's choosing - not ours! Just to take the gift of tongues (that is: the miracle of one hearing the Gospel expounded in one's own language, even though visiting missionaries were speaking their own language, without interpreters being present, a gift - please note - within the hearing, not the speaking!), missionaries of earlier centuries, 17th to early 20th, did record that they sometimes saw this miracle recur in places like Africa and south America where the need was required. However, one simply cannot swallow some of the claims/examples of this phenomenon which the old Pentecostals used, nor some of the reasoning which they employed.

Robin A. Brace. September 11th, 2014.